Pick Your Purse 2018

Tune into Q102 and play Pick Your Purse and be qualified to win the grand prize – a $3,500 closet makeover from us!  For more info visit- http://www.wkrq.com/contest/q102-pick-your-purse-4/

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Design Build Cincy Show 2017

Meet with the city’s best designers, architects, contractors, retailers and craftsmen to take your project to the next level. DesignBuildCincy is a curated, intimate home show that gives you the opportunity to meet artisans and fabricators who can build anything. From kitchen designers to cabinetmakers, architects to re-modelers, iron-workers to artisans, see companies you would not normally [...]

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Hundreds of DVDs and an Entertainment Center in Sight

So I came home from work some time ago and decided I would watch a movie while I made dinner.  In the modern era of Netflix and many other on-demand mediums my go-to for a film is still my own tangible movie collection.  Let me provide a little bit of backstory. Over the years I have acquired what I consider an “acceptable” amateur movie collection. While it may seem small compared to other collections, I’m proud [...]

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Let’s Get Organized

There is nothing like coming home from a hard day at work and you can’t wait to relax.  Until you walk into your home and the first thing you notice is the mess awaiting you.  All of a sudden that nasty habit of just dumping your gym bag, computer bag and shopping bags willy-nilly, has overtaken the living room. I am embarrassed to admit it, but this happens [...]

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Cincinnati Home & Garden Show — Closets and More, Inc.

Closets and More, Inc. will be displaying the VIVA color collection from Tafisa. Tafisa debuted these decorative panels at the International Woodworking Fair this past July. We are excited to offer this collection to our customers to provide a melamine that mimics the look and feel of real wood. Our pantry display will [...]

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This Local Company Is Here To Turn Your Closet From A Mess To A Success


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Blast From The Past!

A year after formal establishment we already made headlines!

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